This play by the contemporary Portuguese author Tiago Rodrigues takes us to a journey in the city together with a nine-year old girl, referred to as „Giraffe“ due to her height. The precocious girl who tries to make sense of the world  finds herself in a very difficult situation. Her mother has recently passed away and her father has lost his job. She needs to write a school paper about the life of giraffes, but Discovery Channel has unfortunately been turned off at their home. Father assures her that everything will be fine, but one cannot always trust fathers. So the girl decides to take her best friend, a foul-mouthed teddy bear called Judy Garland with her, and find the only person who can help her – the Prime Minister.

„Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes“ is a witty, sad and contemporary story that connects childhood’s fantasy with everyday metropolitan life. Tiago Rodrigues is a playwright, director and an actor. He is the artistic director of the National Theatre Dona Maria II in Lisbon.


Diana Leesalu - Tallinn City Theatre's Colleague Award for Best Director, 2016
Hele Kõrve - Tallinn City Theatre's Colleague Award for Best Actress, 2016
Priit Pius - Tallinn City Theatre's Colleague Award for Best Supporting Actor, 2016