The title of this play is inspired by marks people draw on their door frames, in order to measure how much the children have grown. What is growing up anyway? How does it work and why doesn’t it always work out the way we want? 

“Maybe I should have gone to Mum that morning and given her a hug. But I’m still too young to understand these things. And Mum is still so young too, she’s busy in the kitchen. She’s a little upset, but I can hear her peeling potatoes, so it can’t be that bad. I should go to her, go to the kitchen, and to encourage and calm her down a little by doing that. Because after a while it won work anymore.”

Marks on the Door Frame is the second cooperation between Diana Leesalu and Kaarel B. Väljamäe since the monodrama A Big Man Now in 2010 that was the theatrical debut for the authors as well as the actor Priit Pius.