Theatre series Tale of The Century is a joint initiative of the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions and theatres of Estonia. Twenty two Estonian theatres are taking part in the collaboration, aiming to stage the entire history of the 100-year-old Estonian Republic. Every month there’s a premiere of one production representing one decade. The series began in August 2017 and the last play will open in July 2018. Also, the theatres will come together in September 2018 during the festival Drama in Tartu for a marathon-performance of all these plays. 

The cooperation project of Tallinn City Theatre and Old Baskin Theatre will take the audience to the busy decade from 2000 to 2010. The new millennium began, Estonia joined the NATO and the European Union, won the Eurovision song contest, survived the April Unrest and economic depression, prepared to welcome the Euro … Also, it was the time of many ambitious real estate scams. Paavo Piik’s play also speaks about real estate, but first and foremost it’s a story about family relations, true and fake intimacy and what it feels like to be an old person in the Republic of Estonia.